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All LLCs need a business license and a federal tax ID Number.
In addition: If you will sell taxable items, you will also need a seller's license for your LLC. 
Furthermore, if your LLC will be an employer, it will need a federal EIN and a State EIN for employment tax withholding. 
Finally: All LLCs need an LLC operating agreement in addition to the LLC certificate.
You cannot open a bank account for the LLC without an LLC operating agreement and a federal tax ID number. 
Note that government filing fees or taxes are NOT included with free registrations.

Register Your Business - It's Free! - We register your business as a corporation, llc, partnership or  sole proprietor, and get your tax id number, sellers permit, or LLC License.  You will receive a complete packet containing your official business certificates.



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The following steps are to form a limited liability company ( llc) in your state:

Fill out an Articles of Organization form.

1. Name: Unless you are forming an llc in CA, the name of a limited liability company must contain "limited liability company" or "limited company" or the abbreviation "L.L.C.", "LLC", "L.C.", or "LC". "Limited" may be abbreviated as "Ltd.", and "company" may be abbreviated as "Co."

2. Registered Agent: A Registered Agent, is the person designated by your LLC to receive documents and to be served should the LLC is sued.

3. Manager: If you are running the LLC yourself, then select "Member" or "Manager" since you are both a member and the manager.

4. LLC Organizer: Person who is filling out the Articles of Organization form. 


1. What is a Limited Liability Company?
A Limited Liability Company ("LLC") is a separate State Created legal entity created by filing a certificate and executing an llc agreement.

2. What is an LLC?

An LLC is owned by its members holding membership certificates. 

Members of an LLC are like shareholders of a corporation. 

3. What are the Advantages of an LLC?

You can treat it as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation which has many tax advantages.

Limited Liability:
The member?s liability is generally limited to the amount of
money which the member invested in the LLC. 

4. What are the Disadvantages of an LLC?

Does not have disadvantages.

5. Do I need an Attorney to form an LLC?

It is recommended but not necessary

6. How many people are needed to form an LLC?

An LLC must have at least one member.

7. How is an LLC Managed?

An LLC is managed by its members or by managers.

If a manager is not designated, all members manage it.

8. What is a Registered Agent and is one needed?

A person to receive mail and to be served in case of a law suit.
A member can be the agent.

9. Should I choose an LLC or an S Corporation?

The status of an S Corporation provides the elimination of double taxation. However, the S Corporation does not have the flexibility of an LLC in regard to the allocation of income to its members.

An s corporation is limited as to the number and type of members. For example, it can only have 75 shareholders. However, an llc can have unlimited members and can be foreigners or other business entities such as corporations.

10. How can I structure an LLC to do my taxes thru myself? 

Normally, if you are the only member, you can do that.
However, if there is another manager managing and you have free transferability of membership, you may not be able to do that.

11. What documents do I need to set up my llc?

Operating Agreement

Membership Certificates, if more members are included.

12. Do I Need a Federal Employer Identification Number?

If you are the only member, you may not need it. In all other cases, you need a fed tax id.

13. How do I begin forming an LLC?

After you submit you business information, we will prepare and file all required documents and mail them to you.


 Free LLC Formation

All businesses need a LLC License, though it can be the same as a Business tax Registration - however, you need a business name certificate and you can form an llc to Register Your Business instead of getting a Assumed Business Name business trade name certificate.  Your corporation name is the same as the Assumed Business Name business name.   This is a general Business Registration that allows you, as the Business owner, the freedom of  operating a registered corporate business.

Here is how to get a Free Business Registration :


  1. Choose any of the following free services


Here is what is included with your free Business Registration

How to Register Your Business - Free Guide 

Guide on how to Register Your Business!
Free LLC Formation Guide special offer.

Our Business Registration guide will help you Register Your Business, you will also learn what business permit  what entity type is best for your business (C-Corporation, S-Corporation, or LLC), and what state is the best one to Register Your Business in. 
Starting a business has potential risks and liabilities of your personal and business assepts.

Getting your business registered for free does not take  away the responsibility of the formalities and expenses involved in government filing fees and establishing and maintaining your business or does not help you completely avoid your income tax situation, and your investment needs. 

HOW TO OBTAIN Free LLC Formation

Welcome to Free LLC Formation Information Service. 


Free LLC Formation : Apply  & Obtain a Free LLC Formation for you state, county or city.   Getting one requires obtaining the requirements, cost, fees, and the application form as well as knowing the type of Business Registration for your  business.

Thinking of starting a business in any State in Free LLC Formation 

Whether you want to start a business or run a business from home, you need to get the right business registration forms to meet each state's requirements. 


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